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The 3 Major Benefits Of Online Ticketing For High School Events

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Shifting to an online ticketing and payments system is a simple, safe, and effective way to manage and promote all types of high school events. There are numerous benefits to consolidating all events into one easy system. Here’s just a few reasons your school should switch to an online ticketing and payments system!

Safety First

Tired of finding old, neglected checks at the bottom of your cash box or drawer? With an online ticketing and payments system, there’s no cash box needed. Payments are secure and hassle-free, and admins no longer need to “be the bank”. Instead of constantly reminding parents and students to bring in cash or checks, you can safely and securely process payments through credit card. Say goodbye to the days of making change and crossing your fingers that parents will honor their word and pay up. With Passage, you can keep track of and guarantee all payments.


Keeping your high school’s events in one place makes life a lot less stressful. You can sell all of your tickets and merchandise on one platform. Varsity jackets, yearbooks, season football passes, prom tickets, and anything else that screams school spirit can be sold and accounted for. Whether you want to sell tickets ahead of time online, or at the very last minute in-person at the door, you’re good to go. With Passage’s system, you can get started for free with a super easy set-up. It will probably take less than 60 seconds… We even give you a complimentary card swiper. It’s really that simple.

Save Time

Having the tools to sell tickets to a homecoming dance at the same time as a your school’s next big theater production is a major benefit of online ticketing. Save yourself (or your bookkeeper) hours of busy work making deposit slips out and running to the bank. Take comfort in knowing you’ll no longer need to shuffle through ten different checks sent in from parents for a bunch of different accounts. This efficient system will keep your payments organized, and save you tons of time, confusion, and headache!

Start Today

Passage is an online, mobile, and in-person ticketing and payments system for high schools looking to streamline and simplify their event ticketing. It was built by people who know high school events and the struggles high school admins face on a daily basis. A huge benefit to using our system is the built-in community of event creators and top-notch resources provided. So, if your school’s production of Les Misérables isn’t in the spotlight like you anticipated, there’s plenty of promotional materials at your fingertips. The best part about Passage is the concierge-level support our team provides. We’re here to help, but not just that; we want to help.

Take your high school events to the next level and get started now for free! If you want to chat about how your school can benefit from using Passage, give us a call 855.688.PASS or shoot us an email at info@neptix.mystagingwebsite.com.