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Tired of (We hear you.)

Example service fees on a $10 ticket:





Our Pricing

100% FREE for events.
All fees can always be completely passed on to the ticket purchaser.

With Neptix, we don’t stick you with huge per-ticket fees, monthly costs, or annual contracts. What you see is what you get: just one low service fee, and industry standard payment processing costs. And every penny can be passed on to the ticket purchaser.

Online Service Fees (In-Person = FREE!)

  • 2.0%
    Per Transaction
  • $0.0
    Per Item
  • $0.00
    Monthly Fees
  • $0.00
    Annual Fees
  • $0.00
    Add-On Fees

And you’ll NEVER be locked into a contract. Ever.
(We want to earn your business!)

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On four $20 tickets, your customer would see these fees:


Lightning Fast Payments Included

We’re the payment processor too, which allows us to charge through low payment processing rates of 2.75% & $0.30/transaction (less than Paypal and Stripe), AND get you your money super fast. Unlike other providers who make you wait until your event is OVER to send you your money, we direct deposit every sale right into your bank account in 1-2 business days from every transaction. That is FAST.

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