Redlight Barcode Scanners Are HERE!

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Would you like to give your guests a big league box office experience at a price you can afford?

We're excited to announce Passage's new Redlight Barcode Scanners (aka 2D scanners). These easy-to-use, handheld devices offer the ticket-scanning technology of a professional sports or concert venue without the major league price tag. You can give your guests a five-star experience from the moment they arrive at your front gates.

Redlight Barcode Scanners are our latest enhancement to Passage's all-in-one box office management, which covers both online and at-the-door ticketing, concessions, and merchandise. They're a headache-free way to get guests into your venue quickly. Just like Passage's mobile scanners, the redlight scanners will read both paper tickets and barcodes presented on a guest's phone.

The lightweight, handheld scanners give your admissions team the ultimate mobility, allowing them to move freely through an admissions line or to different spots at your front gate without skipping a beat. They're also great for team members who have trouble using the mobile scanning process: there's no fumbling with the screen, no accidentally closing the app mid-scan. Anyone can master the redlight scanner.

Here's how they work:


Before you start scanning, you want to make sure you have the Passage Manager app downloaded on your device (it’s free to download in the iTunes and Google Play stores) and that you are logged into the app, just like you normally would for ticket scanning.

NOTE: The Redlight Barcode scanners ONLY work with the iOS version of the Passage Manager App right now. Android support is coming soon!

You’ll connect your scanner (we use reliable, lightweight Socket Mobile scanners like this or this) via Bluetooth to the mobile device you use for scanning.

If you choose, you can also add a DuraCase (also by Socket Mobile) to your package. This case will fit over your mobile device and packages everything together nicely. You can charge your device with the case right on it!

The case’s rubberized material also increases the drop protection and durability of your device. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices (just make sure you purchase the one made for your device).

To scan a ticket, place the Redlight Barcode Scanner over the barcode and press the black button on the top of the scanner.
You’ll see a red light shine over the barcode and your scanner will beep to let you know the scan is complete. It happens almost instantly. They are super fast.
Depending on the model of scanner you choose, there will be different auditory and/or visual cues on the scanner itself. For example, if the ticket is valid, you’ll see a green light appear on the top of your scanner. You’ll hear a different beep depending on whether the ticket is valid or invalid.
You can also view the ticket information on your device screen, which is tethered to your scanner.
And that’s it! The Redlight Barcode Scanners will keep your admission line moving smoothly all night, even in absolute darkness.

Want to request Redlight scanners for your venue or event? Give us a call at 855.688.PASS or email