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The Perfect Pair – Brews & Foods Meant For Each Other

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In the midst of American Craft Beer Week, it seems appropriate that the focus of all barley-related consumption be shifted to enhancing guests’ experience with your craft beer at your next event. When considering the infinite ways this can be achieved, we asked ourselves what brew fans love almost as much as well-poured pints. The answer: food. Pairing the perfect edible item with your lager is no longer reserved for culinary students and has become not only an art, but it is actually a science.

Host a pairing event to bring the community together, or as a safety precaution to make sure attendees don’t taste test brews on an empty stomach. Whatever the occasion might be, show off your mad pairing skills to your guests by using the guidelines below to properly pair these ten different craft brews with entrees, appetizers, and desserts.

The Perfect Pair (1)

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